A couple of months ago, we told you about a proposal to demolish the Color Reflections warehouse at 413 Green St. and replace it with ten new homes. After the developer presented the project to the NLNA in early July, the community group's zoning committee requested that the project eliminate one of the units. Much to nobody's surprise, this was a no-go with the developer. At the following zoning meeting, the developer must have either whispered sweet nothings into the ears of the committee members or simply agreed to disagree, as the project was recently approved by the ZBA with ten homes as originally proposed.

Warehouse that's going

Designed by KJO Architecture, the project will include three standard homes on Green Street and a fourth home that's a carriage house, floating above a drive-aisle. That drive-aisle will provide parking access not only for the four units on Green Street, but also for five of the six units planned for Wallace Street. The sixth Wallace Street home (which wasn't eliminated) will have a front-loading garage. Here, maybe the site plan will make things clearer:

Project site plan. Green St. on the right.

If examining detailed architectural drawings isn't your thing, perhaps you'd prefer to see project renderings. Good thing we have some of those!

Project rendering on Green St.

Another view

Elevations of the homes coming to Wallace St.

If these homes were plopped down in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, they'd really stick out (and in a good way). But as Northern Liberties construction goes, they seem pretty much in line with a lot of the new homes we've seen go up in recent years. We're certainly pleased to see the new development in the neighborhood, though it does sadden us some to see another old warehouse disappear in a neighborhood that was once full of 'em. So it goes though, and so it will likely continue to go for the foreseeable future.