The building standing at 416-38 Spring Garden St. is certainly not one of the more memorable ones you’ll come across in this lovely city of ours. Though it has served an important purpose for years while also sporting the lovely The Value of Family mural by artist Eric Okdeh, the low-rise structure is becoming more and more out of place along this suddenly bustling stretch. It was last summer when we first gave a glimpse of the 329-unit, mixed-use building that is set to rise here, positioned at the same corner as the Yards taproom and a 12-story tower that will be home to the new Amazon Fresh grocery store. We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for signs of any action, and are thrilled to report that there’s finally some action to be seen.

The view today, with a fence now surrounding the site
Rendering from the corner of 5th & Spring Garden

As you can see above, a fence now surrounds the property, and we can share that the developers have pulled the necessary permits for this by-right project. Though little can be seen from afar, walking around gave us plenty of new information, showing that the entire periphery of the site is closed off and the interior of the building is nearly completely empty. Let’s take a scorching summer’s walk around some chain-link fencing and get a better view.

The view from 5th & Spring Garden on our visit in July 2021, showing no signs of action yet
View looking west on Spring Garden, with our muraled building on the left and the Amazon tower to the right
A peek behind the door reveals a major clear out well under way
A closer view of what currently stands at this busy intersection

Southern Land Company is the developer for this project, marking their third foray into the Philly market, as we alluded to back in June. Given the pace and the quality of their other projects, we expect this SCB-designed mixed-use building to get going shortly, as SLC seems to be pretty darn good at getting their ducks in a row. The project will bring at least two commercial spots across 15K sqft, with the glass and lights on the ground floor increasing the energy at this currently drab corner.

A closer look doesn't show any clear sign of demo yet
A closer look at street level of the modern-industrial hybrid

This is yet another huge addition to the area, and perhaps one of our favorites. The size and scale of this project seem extremely appropriate, and the design does a good job of working with the architectural feel of the area. The location is fantastic, as it sits just a three-block walk to the Spring Garden station on the MFL. There are plenty of projects taking place in every direction from here, and we couldn’t help but find ourselves eying up 462 N. 4th St., just to the southeast of the project site.

462 N. 4th St. sits just to the south - could this be the next domino to fall?

Currently home to APR Supply Co. (Happy 100th Anniversary!) and Kendall Electric, could we see developers swoop in and purchase this property, which also consists of a low-rise building and a surface parking lot? It would certainly fit with the changes we’re currently seeing in this area. We love seeing the new density shrink the chasm between Old City and Northern Liberties; hopefully soon enough this neighborhood will feel like one continuous stretch from Vine to Spring Garden Street, hearkening back to a time before I-95 and 676 wedged Northern Liberties from Center City.