Almost two years ago, we first told you of plans for five new homes at the northwest corner of 3rd & George. This prominent site is currently home to an ugly one-story garage and some vacant lots. To be honest, we kind of figured that the project from a couple of years ago had fallen through since nothing has happened since. But passing by the other day, we saw a shred of a zoning notice. And checking the L&I Map, we discovered that the variances had finally been granted last month.

See the little shred of orange?

In April of last year, developers came before NLNA for a fourth meeting on this project. At that meeting, they agreed to a number of small changes to height and massing to appease neighbor concerns. Part of that conversation also involved making Galloway Street, the block behind the project, into a one-way street. Not sure how far that's progressed in the year since. The previous rendering looked like this, and we'd guess that the final version of the project will at least look sort of close to this:

An old rendering

We'll be very excited to see this project finally move forward. It seems that fewer and fewer lots can be found in this neighborhood these days, and the number of new projects coming down the pike continues to amaze. On this corner, it's out with the old crappy garage and in with five fancy new homes. Please folks, don't mourn the old garage. Its passing will be for the best.