The area just north of Liberties Walk and just west of the Piazza has seen considerable development in recent years. Tower built a row of garage-front homes on the south side of the 200 block of George Street. The Stables, though only three homes to this point, will eventually multiply exponentially, filling in land that housed horses until recently. A unique duplex stands on Bodine Street, with wood siding floating above cinderblock.

That duplex in 2011

Speaking of Bodine Street, today we share some news that a project that’s been dragging along for years is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. A year and a half ago, we told you that two homes were rising at 1108 N Bodine St., on foundations that had been poured years prior. But this project was also to include a four-unit building that remained unbuilt. Until a couple of months ago, that is.

The new building. The homes mentioned above are to the right.

Closer look. See the duplex on the far right?

She's a tall one

Once this building is completed, it will mark the completion of a project that was started about five years ago. Not only is in encouraging to see this development in a vacuum, but to see a project resume after a long delay is particularly excellent. It shows the fortitude of the developer, but it also shows the increasing strength of the immediate area.

We’ll be interested to see what this building looks like when it’s finished, and we’ll hope that the vacant land next door follows this property’s lead and gets built upon sometime soon. If things keep up like this on the block, that vacant lot is going to feel really left out in the years to come.