T-Bar Teas, located at the corner of 12th and Sansom Sts. for just about five years, closed last November.

Former T-Bar

While we don’t have a whole lot of info as to why they closed, we’re guessing that the little retail business simply petered out. Widely known for delicious specialty teas and drinks, T-Bar was a cool place to sit down and enjoy some yummy blends if you happened to be downtown. It was also a fine resource for loose teas for some at-home brewing action. Although T-Bar has done away with their brick-and-mortar location, they have since launched their business on the web.

This section of Center City, referred to by some as Midtown Village, has seen quite a few changes in the last year. Upscale Tweed came to an abrupt and mysterious end, Matthew Izzo opened up shop (making their third move from an Old City location), Philly Cupcake opened up at the beginning of last year, and talks of a swanky pool hall at the old bank building continue.

While it doesn’t make us feel warm and fuzzy inside that two quality establishments on this block have closed up shop recently, we’re hoping that they’re replaced with a couple of winners. The former Tweed location has yet to even take down the curtains or their window decal, but we have noticed that work is FINALLY being done on the completely demolished interior (hopefully in preparation for a new eatery?). We also spotted someone working in the former T-Bar space, but couldn’t really get such a good look. You know, all that paper in the windows.

Vacant space next to a vacant space

We haven’t caught wind yet of who’s going to move into their old space, but we will keep our ear to the ground. Any wants, needs or desires from the Midtown Villagers out there?

–Kaitlin Bostwick