Hill International (formerly Walnut Street Capital) CEO and owner of Philadelphia Union Trust Garrett Miller, along with partner Joe Grasso, will be taking over the multi-million dollar vacant spot on 15th and Sansom (formerly Roy’s) and opening a restaurant named American Oak, which will also have a basement club named Rumor. Xavier Mariezcurrena, who is the creative director at Union Trust, will also be the creative director at American Oak/Rumor, bringing a hip and modern aesthetic to the new establishment. The new atmosphere will be one of comfort and relaxation with a lower price point than Union Trust.

Tony Aiazzi, who has done a great deal of work with Charlie Palmer Restaurant Group and has also been a frequent guest on the Today Show, will be taking care of the food at American Oak. The theme in mind? Comfort food with a lighter twist. As this restaurant will absolutely stand apart from Union Trust Steakhouse, Aiazzi would like them to be lumped together in only one category: restaurants that serve genuinely good food.

Union Trust has already gained this sort of reputation, so if American Oak can create the same report, it is sure to be a great addition to the abundant restaurant scene in Midtown Village.