Oh thank heaven.

A new 7-Eleven popped up on the southwest corner of Broad and Race last week on 7/11, which was also, conveniently, Free Slurpee Day.  This new 7-Eleven location is one of many to come in the greater Philadelphia area, thanks to a mega expansion strategy the company is currently pursuing. Gone are the days of your typical seedy 7-Eleven; these new locations are bigger, brighter, cleaner, and more centrally located to lure in people from all walks of life.

This particular 7-Eleven fills the vacancy created by “mmmmm… toasty” Quiznos.  It’s located across the street from the new $786 million PA Convention Center expansion, and gives convention attendees, Hahnemann employees, and Market East and Logan Square residents a quick and easy place to grab life’s necessities, like newspapers, lottery tickets, Big Gulps, GO-GO Taquitos, and As Seen on TV products (in case you “don’t know how to operate a phone,” per their website).
There it is, on the far left, behind the tent

It was insane in there

Sure, this isn’t groundbreaking news- but that Slurpee we knocked down today was so necessary, we didn’t even mind the brain freeze.