Boy, it sure has been a busy summer when it comes to the proposed Sixers arena, 76 Place. It was barely a month ago when we talked about the newest plans for the arena, which were updated to include a residential tower along the northern part of the site. Though there haven’t been any design updates since our last visit, we have a smattering of news, thanks to the return of City Council after its annual summer recess.

First, let’s talk timelines. The Sixers development team has envisioned this new home being complete for the 2031 season, which is when their current lease at the Wells Fargo Center expires. Given that, there has been a goal to have studies and Council approval by this fall to hit their planned deadlines. However, thanks to an Inquirer article, we know that the development team is easing back on their timelines, waiting for the recently announced impact studies to be completed before any of the official business takes place to move this forward.

And as for that official business, a story from the Philly Voice shows that things are already in the works. Mark Squilla, the 1st district councilperson – indicated before council sessions started that a draft of an ordinance was in the works and would be provided to the public in advance of it being pitched to council in the coming months. Putting two and two together, it sure seems as if things are indeed moving fourward (apologies for the pun). Let’s scope out the site again to refamiliarize ourselves with the plans.

A current look at where the arena would stand
76PlaceAug-04 Market-Street-Entry-1
A look at the future of 11th & Market?
76PlaceAug-01 Aerial-View-Looking-Northwest
Are we getting closer to this becoming a reality?

As we have suggested since the start, it sure seems as if momentum is building behind the scenes to turn this dream into a reality. But, as we have mentioned, not everyone is fond of these plans, so no matter what occurs from a Council perspective, we would imagine that this is far from the last we have heard from those who oppose this project. In the meantime, we hope that Jojo remembers who his (adopted) hometown football team is.