Market East is getting another major development, thanks again to the efforts of Brickstone Companies. Years ago, this company was perhaps best known for their renovation of the Wanamaker Building on Market Street. But more recently, they've been actively involved in multiple projects in Market East. On the 1100 block of Chestnut Street, they're in the middle of a combination new construction/renovation project which will have 115 apartments and a bunch of retail, including a Target. They have plans to renovate the Sound of Market building into a mixed-use project with ground-floor retail and creative office space. And for their next trick, they've got plans for a parking garage at 12th & Sansom.

Current view at 12th & Sansom

If you consider the location, it's clear that this two-story garage is a major underuse. For decades, the property was owned by famous slumlord Samuel Rappaport, and late last year his estate sold the property to Brickstone for a hefty $14.45M. According to the Inquirer, the company is still figuring out their plan for the property, but they're considering building two towers on the site which could each rise over 300 feet. Options include residential, office use, hotel, and retail.

Looking north on 12th Street

The property sits immediately to the south of the White Building, so we wonder how those residents will feel about a huge new tower across the street. Speaking of tall buildings casting shadows, at least it seems like the excellent mural to the south will only get less light and won't disappear entirely.

Mural just to the south

Then again, if this surface parking lot eventually gets redeveloped, we won't complain too loudly. Though it will be a shame to lose the mural, which prominently features the severed head of William Penn.