Who Knows What’s Happening on Shurs Lane?

We like to think we're pretty good at sleuthing out details for most projects around town, but every now and then we find ourselves flummoxed. The other day for example, we came upon some construction on Shurs Lane in Manayunk, right after the tracks if you're coming from Main Street. 133 Shurs Ln. was until somewhat recently home to the Kowalski Post, a veterans organization, but they sold their property to developers due to money problems, according to Newsworks. With a sales price of $1.1M, those money problems should now hopefully be a thing of the past.

Former Kowalski Post

Closer look

What caught our attention is the extensive work happening just to the south, where the Kowalski Post previously had a parking lot. 

Former parking lot, current construction site

According to the L&I Map, the developers have subdivided the property into seven lots, and have plans to build four story homes, each with two car parking. We can't quite figure out how many homes will be built, nor do we know how they'll be arranged on the lot. We're also not entirely sure what the developers are doing with the former Post building- will it be demoed and replaced or converted to apartments? Also, the developers own the two homes immediately to the north of the former post but no permits have been pulled for those properties. It seems possible that there could be some action there too.

Looking back toward the buildings

Can anyone out there help us out and provide some more solid details about this project?