A project that’s apparently been percolating for years is finally progressing on Terrace Street, just a short distance from the modular development on Ridge we told you about the other day. The former Polish Falcon Hall at 3967 Terrace St. has been vacant for quite some time, but will soon contain seven condo units.

In the past

The other day

According to the Manayunk-Roxborough Patch, the developers of this project, Nicolas DiGiulio and Khara Cartagena, were struggling to get financing lined up for the project. Because of these problems, they asked the community for support to create three-bedroom units, instead of two-bedroom units as previously approved. The community, mostly due to apparent parking concerns, rejected this proposal. The plan, by the way, includes nine parking spaces in the basement.

Guessing entrance to the parking will be in the rear on Manor Street

Despite the neighborhood’s hesitance to embrace the extra bedroom and the project’s financing troubles, construction is now well underway. We’re always glad to see an adaptive reuse project, and it’s particularly interesting to see one right next door to another, which converted an old and beautiful church into apartment units. While the old Polish Falcon Hall doesn’t compare aesthetically to the old church, it still adds nicely to the architectural diversity of the neighborhood. We’ll be sure to check back as the project moves along.