Worn Out Garage Turning to Apartments on North Broad

It seems that a North Broad Street project that got squashed last summer has come back from the dead. This is for the best, as far as we're concerned.

Looking up North Broad Street

About a year ago, developers came before the Logan Square Neighborhood Association with plans to build an addition at 142 N. Broad St., a rough looking building that sits in between a Parkway Garage (which is also their headquarters) and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. The project would have entailed a four-story addition to the building and the creation of 116 apartments, along with ground-floor retail. The community didn't oppose the project itself, though they did not support one aspect of the project which would have meant a 3' digital sign at the top of the building, a la East Market Street. In July of last year, the project got denied at the ZBA and the building has remained in the same state ever since.

Closer look

The developers took some time to reexamine their plan and came back to the community in April with a revised plan with only 101 units and no digital sign. When they presented the plan the first time around, they indicated that the digital sign was a crucial financial aspect of the project, so we're not sure how they're able to make it work with no sign and fewer units. But that's, frankly, none of our business! Apparently they see this as a viable project and we'll be pleased as punch to see it come to fruition. BLT Architects have done the design work for the project, and meeting minutes indicate that their plan will entail a four-story glass box on top of the existing building. Has anyone seen any renderings?

The project went to the ZBA this morning. We have to imagine it will get support this time around, though you never can be completely sure with this sort of thing.