Have you been to 21st & Hamilton lately? It's a major construction zone right now, thanks to the Rodin Square project. Remember, we first told you about this two summers ago. Last July, we told you about the fence surrounding the old Best Western Hotel, signifying the demolition was neigh. By the time September rolled around, most of the hotel was gone. Now the hotel is totally demolished and construction has been going on for a good amount of time. Now you can see a good section of the building that's already risen from the ground.

View from 21st & Spring Garden

From Hamilton Street

You can't see from this perspective, but there's much more building brewing to the west, but that effort is still underground aside from some framing near 22nd & Spring Garden.

Rest of the parcel, work is still below grade

We're pretty sure that the section you can see in the photos above is the parking garage, which will eventually have room for 490 cars and a bunch of bikes as well. The project is mostly known as the building that will house a new Whole Foods Market, which will relocate from its current location on Callowhill Street. In addition, there will be some other retail spaces at 22nd & Spring Garden as well as 21st & Hamilton. Also, there will be 293 rental apartments as part of the project. In general, this seems like a great improvement over a hotel for this parcel. Also, and not to repeat ourselves, HUGE NEW WHOLE FOODS.

Coming soon

Another angle. Love the pool on top of the market.

This project is a huge step forward for this area, joining the Granary building a block away which is still very new to the scene. And if the proposed project across the street, behind the Rodin, ends up coming to fruition, it will mean even more new residents for this area. Which will mean even longer lines at Pizzeria Vetri. Eh, probably worth it from a big picture perspective.