In yet another example of why Twitter is super cool, today an interesting image came up on our feed from @EricClayWarner. Check it out:

Image we saw on Twitter

Jumping down the rabbit hole afforded by the response from our old friend @GroJLart, we were able to find out some more info about this project. Located at 24th & JFK, it comes from NP International, and it's called River Walk Philadelphia. The site covers 8.5 acres, and will include "residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and other community amenities." The developers presented to the community last month, and LSNA minutes indicate that the project will include 665 condo units and a grocery store, among other items. There will be about 650 parking spaces and they're working with CSX to create river access from the development site. Check out a couple more images:

Another angle for the project

Aerial view

Though our information is incomplete at this point, we're confident that this project would be a phenomenal addition to our waterfront and skyline. We look forward to filling in the gaps in our knowledge in the coming weeks or months, and hope that they're able to craft a final project that gets community support and approval from the ZBA. Assuming they get the needed approvals, look for groundbreaking in the summer of 2015.