Comcast Innovation and Technology Center Construction, Viewed From Above

By now, perhaps you've heard of Skygarten, the "beer garden" at 1717 Arch St. on the 51st floor of Three Logan Square. We like beer, we enjoy the occasional beer garden, and we happened to have an event there so we checked it out earlier this week. For those wondering there was indeed beer there. But we confess, we didn't see much of a garden. What we did see was an amazing view of the city and a spectacular look at the ongoing construction at the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center.

Amazingly, it seems we haven't checked in on this major project in quite some time, since shortly after construction began. As you've probably noticed if you've walked around this area at any point recently, this building is chugging along rather impressively. Check out the progress, as viewed from the 51st floor of the building next door:

Top of the construction site, building not topped off yet

Framing below

Curtain walls on the lower floors, serious worries about dropping phone

As a reminder, the building will mostly house Comcast offices (duh), but it will also include a relocated Four Seasons Hotel, NBC10, Telemundo, a bunch of retail, and a fancy restaurant or two. Expected completion is sometime next year and when it's done the building will rise 60 floors and be the 9th tallest in the Western Hemisphere. At that time, any graphic that includes an image of the Philadelphia skyline will immediately become garbage, resulting in aggravating printing and graphic design bills for many companies in town. Oh well, it's probably worth it in the long run.

Project rendering

Yeah, that's gonna be a baller skyline. We never cared much for the Gentleman's Agreement anyway.