The 1000 block of Wood Street doesn't seem like a natural fit for development at first glance. It's half a block from the Vine Street Expressway. The block is lined with warehouses that contain, among other businesses, a food distributor, an art gallery, and a tofu factory. Though the viaduct nearby might soon become a park, it more looms over the area than benefits it right now.

On the other hand, the Goldtex building is just a block away. There's been other development nearby in the neighborhood, including the project we recently revisited on Noble Street. And if when the viaduct turns into a park, this location will suddenly become extremely desirable. So really it isn't so shocking that we recently came upon three new foundations at 1028-32 Wood St., a former parking lot.

In the past

Current view

This project is odd in that we couldn't find any permitting info online. Fortunately, a sign on the site filled in the blanks. Soon, 3 four-story buildings will rise here, each with five apartment units. This will be a change for this block, which is currently, as we said above, quite industrial. But like so many other blocks in this formerly industrial neighborhood, times are changing.

Rest of the block

Also worth mentioning is an additional hole in the ground that we noticed right around the corner at 11th & Pearl, also previously part of the parking lot mentioned above.

New hole on 11th Street, next to the Wood Street project

Developers are also planning a four-story building here, this time with a pair of apartments and commercial space downstairs. It seems likely that some additional similar buildings will soon follow on the lots next door heading up 11th Street, as they're owned by the same developers. We'll keep on eye on this block, but have a sense that in short order it's gonna be totally redeveloped. And just think of the easy access that the people who eventually live here will have to fresh tofu! And, uh, the highway too.