The east side of 13th Street between Hamilton Street and Buttonwood Street has changed dramatically over the last decade, and the last undeveloped property on this little block is now poised for redevelopment. Back in 2011, we shared a unique building at 449 N. 13th St., noting the unusual look of this new construction duplex and appreciating its modern take on the neighborhood’s industrial history. A year later, we learned about plans for the building to the south, which would receive an addition and get converted into 12 apartments. Half a dozen years later, the owners of that building eliminated a surface parking lot next door and built a northern addition that added 6 more units to the mix.

Buildings on the block

At the time, we noted the presence of a triple-wide vacant lot at the southeast corner of 13th & Buttonwood and wondered when it might also get redeveloped. We mentioned that there were plans for a mixed-use building here at one point, but that never happened. Interestingly, the owners consolidated three properties into one property in 2017, so we speculated that something might be brewing here at some point. And wouldn’t you know it, something is indeed finally happening.

Vacant lot

Last week, the owners of the property pulled a zoning permit for a building here, which will include 20 apartments and 6 underground parking spaces. Obviously, a little density makes plenty of sense here, and we wonder whether the “underground” parking spots will actually be underground in a basement or whether they’ll simply be fake underground spaces which are simply below the average grade of the property. Given that this property sits on a pretty steep incline, we suspect that’s what’s happening. Otherwise, it would be a very surprising use of underground parking, given the size of the proposed building.

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 At 8.42.17 PM
Big lot across the street

Like we said, this project makes a ton of sense here, especially in light of the general direction of Callowhill and the presence of the Rail Park just a couple blocks to the south. This being the case, we would be even more enthused to see the parking lot on the southwest corner of this intersection turn over and get redeveloped. Figure that we hoped that the southeast corner would get redeveloped and now it’s happening, maybe we’ll wish another project into existence at the opposite corner. Worth a shot, no?