In March, we told you about plans for a bunch of apartments on the 1200 block of Noble Street, a block that we'd bypassed in the past on numerous occasions. It actually extends over 13th Street and has an entrance to the Reading Viaduct which should someday be a wonderful park, Philly's version of the High Line. In the past, this parcel was a large parking lot. Now a bunch of buildings have risen.

New buildings are framed

As we told you before, these four-story buildings each have four apartments, making for a total of twenty new units on this block. Looking on the block, there's not a ton of stuff in the immediate area. But if the park eventually arrives this will instantly turn into prime real estate. And you don't have to go too far to find the good stuff. If you walk down to 13th Street, there's Cafe Lift, Bufad, and Prohibition Taproom. And if you go in the other direction to Spring Garden Street, Union Transfer is close by as well.

Viaduct across the street

While all that is great to have nearby, it will be the viaduct that ultimately "sells" these units, whether they're rentals or condos. We wonder, did that possible upside motivate the development of these lots, or would they have gotten built on either way? Ultimately, it doesn't matter, it's just great to see these new buildings arrive on the scene in this neighborhood.