We confess, we'd never been to the 1200 block of Noble Street before yesterday. If you'd like to visit this block, you can only access it via Broad Street or 12th Street- it actually runs above 13th Street which is probably why we've repeatedly missed it over the years. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this block is that is contains an access point for the Reading Viaduct and may (hopefully someday soon) become an access point to an elevated park in Callowhill.

But a reader told us that he saw some construction activity on this block, and even sent us a sweet aerial view of the property.

View from above and across the street

Apparently, a backhoe has been doing its thing over here for about a week now. Previously, this was a terribly overgrown lot that was partially used for parking Here's a closer look of what it looks like now:

Current view of the lot

So what's going on here? According to the L&I Map, plans are now in motion for six new buildings on this site. Each building will be four stories tall, and will contain four apartments. Two parking spots will be included with each property. Parking will be accessed via Hamilton Street, where a couple of older buildings are being demolished. Harman Deutsch is doing the architecture work.

We aren't sure whether these new buildings will be offered as rentals or condos. Either way, this project strikes us as a bet on the future. If there were no conversations taking place about a Reading Viaduct Park, we don't think that this project would be happening. But assuming the park does indeed materialize, this location would instantly become extremely attractive for folks looking to live near public green space. Will the park happen? If so, when? 

Walk right in!

We don't know the answer to either question. But if it does, count on getting there via the 1200 block of Noble Street. And when you go, you can tell your friends, when looking at the new apartments on the northern side of the block, that you remember the block way back when. There's a slim chance they'll even be impressed.