In a matter of terrifying coincidence, it's been exactly one year since we first told you about plans for development at 1110-14 South St., which has for years been a surface parking lot next to an unattractive mural. For the bulk of the last year, nothing much has happened on this site, with cars continuing to park there and the mural continuing to be ugly. But over the past few weeks, anyone that tried to park here would have a big problem on their hands. Because they'd find themselves at the bottom of a pit.

View from the west

The new hole. The same terrible mural.

In case you don't remember, this will soon be the site of two new mixed-use buildings. 1110-12 will have six residential units, while 1114 will have five apartments. Both will have commercial spaces on the first floor, though none of the commercial space has been spoken for as of yet. The design, which comes from Harman Deutsch, is relatively innocuous, and will blend in pretty well with its surroundings despite the fact that it will be taller than the neighboring buildings.

Elevations drawing of the project

With two new retail spaces soon coming online at this location, we wonder what would people would like to see here? There's a CVS a half a block away, and two supermarkets another block east. So despite the fact that this block doesn't exactly fall on either the South Street West or the Headhouse corridors, it still gets a great deal of foot traffic. We would have to think that the right kind of retail business would thrive here. Or maybe a professional office? Or a relocated Caribbean Delight in a new and larger space? What do you think?

Disclosure: Our parent company, OCF Realty, is the broker for this project.