In the summer of 2012, we wondered about the large vacant lot on the southeast corner of 13th & South. We lamented that this prominent lot was sitting vacant, especially in light of the construction of Southstar Lofts a block away. At the time, we explained that the 20,000 sqft lot previously contained a few disgusting, blighted properties on the corner, but these have been demolished. A section of the property was purchased by G & W South Street Partnership in 1987, and the rest was bought in 2007. The owners are based in Florida, and from what we can find, they don't own any other lots in town.

Earlier this week, a reader gave us the heads up that Hawthorne Empowerment Coalition would be hearing a plan from possible developers of this lot. And earlier today, we spotted a new zoning notice!

Zoning signs on the large vacant lot

We didn't get close enough to read the signs in person but a conversation with somebody at the ZBA told us that the plan here is for two new four-story buildings. Each will have eleven apartments and there will also be a commercial element. Eighteen total parking spots will be included in the project as well. We imagine we'll be getting some more info on the project in the coming days, but if we don't we'll try to make it to the community meeting on March 11th to get all the info.

While we can't give our opinion on the project without a complete understanding of the project being proposed, it will be extremely exciting to see this long-vacant lot redeveloped. Seriously, it's about time.