We've long been bugged by the big vacant lot at 13th & South. We even complained about it publicly back in 2012. So it was with much excitement a few months ago when we spotted zoning notices on the property, indicating the possibility of redevelopment. Remember, we told you that developers were planning twenty-one apartment units between two buildings, eighteen parking spots, and commercial uses as well.

Vacant corner

In March, they presented their plans to the Hawthorne Empowerment Coalition, and got mostly positive feedback on their plan, according to Passyunk Post. Some neighbors didn't appreciate the look of the project, designed by Interface Studio, wishing for structures that looked more like the surrounding buildings in the area. Nevertheless, the project was approved by the ZBA and now it's only a matter of time before the property gets redeveloped. 'Bout time, if you ask us.

Project rendering, image from Passyunk Post

The construction of this building will blot out a mural that's been visible for years on the side of 1238 South St., forever home of Harry's Occult Shop. Recently, the shop closed at this location because the building's owners are in the process of selling the property. It's under contract for a list price of just under $360K, and there's a sign in the first floor window indicating that the space is available for rent.

Mural on the building next door

Former Harry's Occult

Fortunately, according to Yelp, Harry's Occult lives on just down the street at Mystical Emporium. From where we sit, it's good to see that this very long-time South Street business has found a way to stick it out with a new name and at a new location. It should be interesting to learn what will eventually replace Harry's at their original location, though the development next door could pave the way for increased interest from potential tenants. But maybe not 'til construction is wrapping up, you know?