Doggie Day Care Coming to the Edge of Point Breeze

A reader tipped us off to some orange zoning notices on a rather large, one story warehouse building at 2501 Wharton St.

Right there

The building pictured above is part of a fairly large complex that takes up 3/4 of the block and includes an auto body shop, an engineering company, and some other industrial-types of businesses. From what we can gather looking at their zoning application, The Dog Wish LLC is hoping to join those businesses at this location. We’re assuming the frontage for the business would be Wharton St., but it could also be 25th St. or Oakford St.

The proposed business will offer dog day care services, with grooming, training, and boarding. A dog run is also planned for the site, replacing nine parking spaces inside the complex. Dog Wish will also have retail offerings. We don’t know whether the Dog Wish people are spinning off from another doggie day care establishment, but we’re fairly confident that this will be their first location with this name.

This is an unexpected but totally appropriate new business for this location. The dog run in particular is simply not something that downtown dog hotels are able to offer, and the space afforded by this off the beaten path location is what makes this service possible. The idea, we suspect, is to go after the exploding dog population in Center City West and Graduate Hospital, hoping that potential customers will be willing to go the extra mile(s) for their furry best friends.

Will the business’ extremely close proximity to the elevated CSX tracks on 25th St. will give customers pause? That, we couldn’t tell ya.