Wow, That’s a Big Pile of Trash Bags on Kimball Street

We aren't exactly sure what brought us to the 2400 block of Kimball Street the other day, but when you consider that there was snow all over the place at the time and it was like 70 degrees yesterday, perhaps you can forgive us for not remembering- it feels like a lifetime ago. Whatever the thought process was that brought us to the block was quickly interrupted by the sight of 2440 Kimball St. and the giant pile of garbage bags in front of it. The photos don't really do justice to the impressiveness of this pile of construction detritus.

Looking west on Kimball Street

All the garbage bags

As we said, we were there a few days ago so it's quite possible that this isn't the current situation. And in case you're wondering, this is a renovation project that will involve the addition (with an unfortunate setback, 'natch) of a 3rd floor. You can see this is a mostly intact block of two-story homes, heaven forbid a developer use a mansard roof here. On the plus side, since it's a rehab, at least they'll be maintaining the cornice line.

Vacant lot across the street

This block should soon see another project in the coming months just across the street. 2429 Kimball St. has been sitting vacant for the last couple years, though a home was standing here as recently as 2014. Developers bought the property at the end of last year, paying $175K for the parcel. Permits haven't even been pulled yet and we can already pretty much guarantee that the developers will be constructing a three-story home with a setback, but this one won't match the cornice line. Because it doesn't have to. Can we change this rule in the zoning code already?

And does anyone know whether that pile of garbage bags is still sitting in the middle of this block?