Who Will Rent the Large New Space Available on South Street West?

For a couple of years now, we’ve beaten the drum hard for South Street West. And why not? The corridor has improved by leaps and bounds, with new businesses opening, old buildings getting fixed up, and new structures rising. From a culinary standpoint, it has exploded, with the new additions on just about every block. Last week, we told you about the latest addition, Entree South Street Bistro, which opened yesterday.

Nice new windows

Pretty much next door to this new establishment is a large new four-story building that will be finished in about two months. On the first floor of this mixed-use building is about 2,500 sqft of retail space that’s waiting to be the signature location for the next addition to South Street West. The amount of space is one of the things that this location will offer that’s generally not found in this area, where most of the stores and restaurants are in single-wide storefronts that span about 800 sqft. As you can see, the combination of the street presence and interior space are extremely unique.

Big ol' windows
The space is both wide and deep.

South Street West already covers a culinary range that would satisfy most world travelers. Its offerings include Thai, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, New American, Dive, French, Italian, Mediterranean, BBQ, and probably some others that aren’t immediately coming to mind. Just about all of these establishments are casual, and locally owned. It seems that the Starr’s, Vetri’s, and Garces’ of the world haven’t yet discovered the possibilities of South Street West, or else there just hasn’t been a suitable space for a concept from one of them.

The whole building

This could be that space for them, or you, or somebody you know. The owners are willing to work with the right tenant and would offer a combination of free rent and improvement dollars. Hopefully, an exciting party will step up and lease this space, and bring yet another awesome dining concept to South Street West. When they do, we’ll certainly letcha know.

Disclosure: OCF Realty is the broker for this project, and the parent company of Naked Philly.

If you’re interested in the space, contact Ori at ori@ocfrealty.com.