Vinyl-Clad Graduate Hospital Home Under Contract

At one point in the last few decades, for what could have only been a very brief time, it became acceptable to cover an older row home’s brick facade with vinyl siding. Whether these homeowners were simply seeking an inexpensive solution to a porous front wall or whether they were trying to suggest a suburban aesthetic in the city, the look has not held up well at all as the years have gone by. Case in point:

Lots o vinyl

Three homes in a row on the 1700 block of Catharine St. are clad from top to bottom in different colored vinyl siding. And in a neighborhood with so many classic Philly row homes, they stick out like thumb that just got whacked with a hammer. Incidentally, this little “vinyl row” will soon be broken up, as 1730 Catharine St. recently went under contract at a list price of $235K. Looking at the exterior as well as a photo of the interior, we can’t help but think that a developer will soon either completely rehab the home or tear the sucker down and build anew.

Ah, some off-white vinyl. Very nice.
Wood paneling and carpeting inside

Often, we speak of neighborhoods having a certain character to them, and hope that new construction maintains that character, to a certain extent. Hopefully, whoever is purchasing this property won’t, in their efforts to improve the property, attempt to maintain its current character. That may play in Queen Village, but not here!


Okay, maybe not so much in Queen Village either.