Vacant Property at 19th and Catharine Changes Hands

A year ago, as construction was finishing up on ten homes on the northeast corner of 19th & Catharine, we loudly wondered whether anything would happen to 770 S. 19th St., the long-vacant building on the intersection's northwest corner. As three more homes have been under construction of late on the southwest corner, we've wondered some more.

The vacant building

Construction across the street

A tipster gave us the heads up last week that the vacant building has at last been sold. Checking public record, it seems that a new owner did indeed step forward last summer. Hopefully, this means that the building will soon be fixed up, and perhaps a business will open up on the first floor. Whether the commercial space in the back, which has cycled through a collection of ice cream places over the years, will remain as such remains an open question. Either way, it seems this building will soon be reoccupied and another vacant property in this neighborhood will bite the dust. No complaints here.