Unique and Incomplete Graduate Hospital Home to be Finished at Last

Have you ever been to the SOSNA office? Just a few doors to the north and across the street, 813-15 S. 19th St. stands as one of the more unusual buildings in the area. It’s double wide, extra tall, and white. It has tall, skinny windows, a curb cut, and a whole lot of Tyvec flapping in the breeze.

Not the standard

Amazingly, looking at the aerial view, you can appreciate yet another feature that makes this place different.

Yup, there's a hole in the middle. And if you squint, you can see the pool next door.

A three-story, approximately 250 sqft courtyard/atrium has been carved out of the middle of the building. Yes, the lot is so large that they were able to build a house that’s shaped like a donut without ruining the floor plan.

In case you couldn’t tell from looking at the photo of the building above, it hasn’t been completed, despite being built just a few years ago. We don’t know all of the details, but we would imagine that the original owner simply ran out of cash before they could finish construction on this massive building. Unfortunately, in the years since construction stopped, the mostly finished home has experienced some terrific water damage. Most of the windows are shot, and all of the drywall is trash. Some mold remanding is probably needed, to boot.

We were able to get inside a few days ago and snap some pix, but our photos don’t truly capture the size of this place. Or the layout, really. Or the poor condition it’s currently in.

First floor. Door to the courtyard on the left.
Second floor, rear. Note the water damage.
Third floor. This section got some paint!
Looking down the stairs
Massive master bathroom. Double shower, plus an area for a tub. Toilet and bidet around the corner.
Upper floor courtyard shot. Tough to capture on camera.
A mushroom. Inside.

Here’s the good news: Someone bought this place last month and plans to finish the house. Assuming they keep the existing floor plan, the home will feature four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two-car parking, and 5,500 sqft of living space.

Let’s just say we’ll be keeping an eye out for when the open house takes place. Can’t wait to see the fancy, mushroom-less finished product.