Too-Tall Building on Carpenter Street?

We've already covered all sorts of development on Carpenter Street in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood. On various blocks, one or two-off developments have taken place in the last year, with some still under construction as we write these words. The other day, we spotted yet another project under construction, this time on the 1800 block.

In the past

Current view

Previously, 1825 Carpenter St. had a newish-looking facade, but no house behind it. Dorrance Construction LLC bought the property back in 2009 for $92,500, but we're not entirely sure what condition it was in at that time. At some point in the last few months, the developers tore down what was left on the site, and framed out a new building. As you can see, it's considerably taller than its neighbors.

Big boy building

The new zoning code allows new construction buildings to be 38' tall by right, with an additional 42" of parapet wall permitted. An unintended consequence of the new code is apparent here, with the new construction rising above the existing homes, even though it matches the window heights on the second and third stories. We don't really have a problem with it, it's just an interesting thing to witness in person.

The new building is a triplex, by the way, which we're guessing will be rental apartments. If it's condos, we'll be really interested to see what kind of prices they'll be able to get. Stay tuned…