The Newest Iteration for 23rd and Christian Still Doesn’t Make Everybody Happy

In July, we first told you about a proposal for 23rd & Christian which would see the demolition of the unattractive building currently on the site and its replacement with a new five-story, mixed-use building. When neighbors expressed concerns about the plan, the developers made some changes. The second version of the plan was presented to SOSNA in September and eliminated the fifth story. It still included commercial space on the first floor, office space on the second floor, and seven apartments. But several near neighbors still objected to certain aspects of the project. Folks living immediately to the north, in two-story homes on Madison Square, wanted some setbacks on the third and fourth floors of the property. Other neighbors objected to the height being taller than 38'. Still others didn't care for the contemporary look of the building.

According to the SOSNA website, the developers will be returning to the community on Wednesday to present a newly revised version of the plan. The office space has been eliminated, and the new project includes ground-floor commercial and eleven apartments. We would have to guess that this layout allows for the setbacks requested by the Madison Square neighbors, but that's just speculation. On the agenda for tomorrow night's meeting, a note reads: "Plans have been revised following meetings between the applicant, near-neighbors and the councilman." But it's clear, based on a note forwarded to us by a reader, that not everyone is pleased with the newly revised proposal. The complaint is tried and true. And one we're getting really sick of, to be frank.

As the flyer says, the meeting takes place on Wednesday at 7pm. We'll be sure to provide you with in-depth coverage of what will surely be a circus atmosphere. Hopefully, the self-proclaimed parking police won't submarine a project that will undoubtedly present an upgrade over what stands at this address today.