Something Happening at 23rd and Christian, Just Not Where You’d Expect

A reader tipped us off recently that there's some renovation work taking place on the southeast corner of 23rd & Christian. Don't quote us on this but we think it used to be a hair salon. According to the permits, the entire building will soon contain offices.

Getting renovated

The property was sold last fall, and the new owner's address tracks back to the property across the street which was subject to agonizing redevelopment discussions last year. The owners of the Senior Resource Group, an insurance business that's worked out that building for several years, are surely the owners of both properties. Remember, they wanted to demolish the eyesore we see today and replace it with a four-story building with seven apartments, second floor office space, and ground-floor commercial. They eventually amended their project to eliminate the office space and push up the number of apartments to eleven. In the face of inexplicably fierce neighborhood opposition, they withdrew their project and are currently considering their options for the corner.

Playing the waiting game

Despite the fact that the big project has been derailed for now, it seems that they've at least settled on a new office location. What that means for the future of the building on the northeast corner, we do not know. And meanwhile, a commercial space in a newer building on the southwest corner is still looking for a tenant. 

Waiting for a tenant

If it stays vacant for awhile, perhaps it will allow room for expansion for the insurance company, if needed. Or maybe a neighborhood doctor? A day care? Anything will do, folks.