Something Finally Happening at 1600 South Street

Numerous readers have asked us about 1600-02 South St., oddly vacant lots on South Street West. Sure, there are a handful of vacant lots on this stretch, but with the rapid redevelopment that’s happened here in recent years, most are on their way to development in the near future. These lots, which measure 34’x53′, have been used as a surface parking lot for as long as we can remember.

The corner

Our ears perked up a couple of months ago when a reader who had been parking there for quite awhile reached out and gave us the heads up that the lots were no longer going to be used for parking. We figured that something was on the horizon for these lots, and wouldn’t ya know it, there is. Yesterday, these went up…

SOSNA zoning notice

As you can see, the lots have apparently been sold and the new owners are going to build a new mixed-use development on this site. We don’t know who bought the properties or whether they have tenants lined up, nor do we know whether the apartments will be rentals or condos. But we do know this: one less vacant lot on South Street West, particularly on a corner, is only the latest good news for this stretch. Now, if you don’t mind, we’re off to get some pie.