Six More Homes Coming to League

We last visited the 1900 block of League Street back in October, and when we went there today it looked almost identical. One notable exception is that there's a duplex under construction at the corner of 19th & League, which we brought to your attention several weeks ago when it was only a hole in the ground. Today, there are five newer homes on the eastern side of the block, near the construction. Five more homes on the block's western side have been completed in the last six months. But a large gap remains in between the two projects.

Homes on the eastern side

Western side, mind the gap

That gap will soon be filled by an additional five homes which we would guess will strongly resemble the homes pictured immediately above. A fence is up and foundations have been poured, suggesting that construction could soon get underway.


In addition, there's one more foundation on the block's eastern side, next to the framed out duplex. When all these projects are finished, it will represent a dramatic transformation for this block. Back in 2007, there were zero homes on this block, and a stone yard took up a big chunk of its western end.

Back in 2007. Thanks Google Earth!

Once all these projects are finished, the block will have almost twenty new homes where before there were zero. This just goes to show how badly people want to live in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, even half a block from Washington Avenue. And they're willing to pay almost half a million for the privilege.