Rita’s Opens Today on South Street West

Back in February, we heard about plans for a new Rita’s Water Ice at 2124 South St., a commercial space that was most recently home to a bike shop but has been vacant for over a year. Though SOSNA gave their approval to the proposal, it’s been a bit of a longer than expected trek for this business, which we would imagine would have ideally been open all summer. Nevertheless, it seems they’ll still be able to take advantage of the tail end of the peak season, as they’ll be opening their doors today at 1pm.

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Not only does this represent one more addition to the continually growing South Street West, but it’s a sign that more chains are starting to take notice of the potential of this corridor. With the opening of CVS down the street earlier this year, and the possibility of a Starbucks coming to 23rd & South in the future, it’s more than just locally-owned businesses populating South Street West these days. And while more chains are not necessarily what consumers in this area are most excited about, it’s a clear sign that companies with thicker checkbooks are seriously considering this area as never before.

Closer look

The inside of this Rita’s is fairly standard, but the exterior is definitely something special. Kudos to the operators of the business for maintaining the facade of the former retail space, while painting it to make it appropriate for their establishment. In a world full of boring-looking retail spaces, this one definitely sticks out in a positive way. Hopefully, their Blendinis will be as delicious as their storefront is attractive.

We’ll be sure to letcha know. We suspect we’ll be there pretty often, even once the weather turns chilly.