Pinky’s is replaced by Pinky’s but with a new name

Many locals were pretty upset when South Street institution Pinky’s at 1824 South St. closed a few months back. Though the space was getting creaky, the breakfast offerings remained a popular and affordable choice for both neighborhood residents and employees at Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse across the street. We’ve seen some work going on in the space in the past couple of months, but couldn’t get any information about the new business taking over.

New restaurant?
Looks like it

A reader tipped us off that Sunny Point opened this week, and it’s… well… Pinky’s. The interior has been tidied up a bit, and the menu has expanded tremendously in terms of vegetarian options, but its otherwise the same place, with some of the same people working behind the counter. We called over there to get the scoop, and apparently Pinky was ready to retire and turned the business over to a new owner. In doing this, he taught the new owner all of his tricks, including his highly coveted grits recipe.

So while it’s looking like South Street West will be getting some new brunch and lunch options on both its east and west sides in the coming months, Sunny Point is open right now. And their prices are as competitive as they were when Pinky was steering the ship. And seriously, have you tried the grits? Transcendent.