New Home Rising Next to Newish Home on Christian Street

For years, the vacant corner building at 1900 Christian St. stood as a sentry for two undeveloped lots next door. One of the lots, 1902 Christian St., had been owned by the City since 1984, which explained why it sat empty for so many years. 1904 Christian St., on the other hand, was privately owned, ostensibly by extreeeeemely patient developers. The property was purchased in 1987 for $6,500.

Two summers back

In 2011, Metroimpact was able to purchase one of those lots from the City, and constructed a three-unit condo building. The units were sold out by the summer of 2012. And by the time that building was finished, a Doors & Windows violation had inspired the owners of the corner property to pretty it up just a smidge.

Minor improvement at the corner, plus a new home

Now, at long last, we’re finally seeing 1904 Christian St. developed. Like the new building next door, it will also contain three apartment units, which we would guess will be offered as condos as well. We’re not sure whether the owners listed on public record are the developers, or if the property has recently sold and City records just don’t reflect the sale as of yet.

Framing is underway

Either way, it’s great news for people on this block who have had to suffer through the many years of vacancy. And with 19 Degrees across the street now selling beer, residents will easily be able to toast the completion of this project in the coming months. Now, if only we had a good idea of when something was coming to that corner property. C’mon, can’t somebody open a BYOB here already?