New Home Going Up on 1800 block of Kater St.

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On a block with a number of $800K homes, Kater St. Development is constructing a new house, with another on the way in short order. This lot was originally owned by the developers responsible for Kater Court across the street, but for whatever reason they decided to sell the lot along with the adjacent one to this new builder.

Kater Court. Fancy.

According to the zoning application, this house will be a single family home with a roof deck. It’s possible that it will resemble the houses across the street, but we’re not expecting that it will offer the same exact features, as it’s about five feet narrower.

These lots were owned by Graduate Hospital for about twenty years until they were sold to the Kater Court people when Upenn took over. This is another example, along with the Grasso Holdings building on the 2100 block of South St. and 1830 Lombard St., of Upenn wasting little time liquidating former Graduate Hospital properties. While the hospital’s closing a few years ago was not beneficial to the neighborhood in terms of jobs and economic vibrancy, the fact that so many hospital-owned parcels have come into the hands of private developers has led to small and large scale development that definitely are positive. And this is just one small example.

Place next door could use a little love.