Less than nine months ago, we brought you the news that Philly Cupcake had opened their doors on the southeast corner of 20th & South. At that time, we guessed that they would do a pretty good business in this space, with South Street foot traffic along with people walking up 20th Street to get to and from work in Center City. The growing toddler contingent in the area also gave us a sense that the place would be able to make it work here.

The shop

Alas, it seems a disagreement with the landlord has resulted in Philly Cupcake closing their doors at this location. According to a note left on the door, however, they’ll be maintaining their location on Chestnut Street and will soon open locations in West Philly and North Philly.

Note on the door

Considering the momentum that’s developed on South Street West in recent years, it’s always kind of surprising to hear about a business closing on the corridor. That being said, we don’t imagine this space will remain vacant long. Though the building is located in a gap in the retail fabric of South Street West, the corner location should still pay dividends for some other operator. We can only hope that whoever does end up taking over the space opts to return the color scheme to its previous incarnation. Or really, anything less carnival-like would suffice.

The previous look

Everyone can agree this would be for the best, right?