Demolition at 2400 South Street

And we ain’t talking about these guys.

Always hated Crush

In December, Toll Bros. proposal for 2400 South St. was approved by the ZBA, this after months (and some would say years) of wrangling with near neighbors, community stakeholders, and SOSNA. For a full rundown of their more-or-less final plan, you can see all kinds of renderings (as well as some additional background on the process that led to this plan) here.

In the last month and change, Toll has begun demolition work on the site, preparing for the first phase of construction. All that remains on the site at this point is the large, former parking lot, and tons of rubble. Here, take a look.

And in case you forgot what it looked like before…

We imagine the demolition of the garage, coming next, will be pretty impressive. And dusty.