Construction at Former Healthy Bites To Go

A reader checked in today with a tip that the former home of Healthy Bites at 2521 Christian St. is under construction. In its most recent incarnation as a retail space, this building was home to a gourmet cafe/market that also did a bunch of premade meals to go. The storefront shut down a couple of years ago, but for awhile it was functioning as a commissary for the cafe's former proprietor. Not sure when that stopped, but it clearly ain't happening any more.


When we zipped by, we asked one of the guys on the site if they know what they're working on (remarkable that guys usually don't know), and we were told that it's gonna be a little restaurant. The reader who first gave us the heads up about the project had heard that it might become an Indian restaurant, which would certainly be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. If it doesn't end up being an Indian place, we suspect that neighbors would be glad to see another kind of ethnic spot, which is kind of lacking in the immediate area.

It was interesting to see that this property, which has been a deli and a market and a cafe over the last few decades, is actually zoned for a single family home. Makes us wonder whether the restaurant use will need to go before the community to get a zoning variance, or if the previous cafe use can carry over.

Has anyone else heard anything about this project? Any hopes and dreams for the restaurant that will eventually take over this space?