Blighted Home on 23rd Street Finally Comes Down

Fifteen years ago, the Graduate Hospital neighborhood was home to over a thousand vacant properties. In the years since, all but a small handful have been renovated by developers or simply demolished and replaced by new construction. It was a little less than a year ago that we brought one of the few vacant properties in the neighborhood to your attention, the long blighted 923 S. 23rd St.

Last year

Last October, we shared the good news that developers had purchased the property, which had been cited (appropriately) with Doors & Windows violations, and there were plans to demolish what was left of the building and replace it with a duplex. This surely came as fabulous news to near neighbors who have had to deal with a backless house on their block for many years. The previous owners, in a failed renovation project, tore down the back wall and stopped work soon after. But despite the apparent efforts from the new owners to start work on the property, nothing seemed to be happening. Until recently.

Current shot

In July, the owners finally got their demolition permits to tear down this eyesore. And that's just what they did, making the front of the property match the back. Look for construction to get going soon on a project that we would still wager will include condos. Not that rentals versus condos means much to the neighbors- we just imagine they're happy to finally see a positive change at this property. It's about time.