After a Break, Fitz4 Moving Again

Chadwick Street between Catharine and Fitzwater has been a constant construction zone for five plus years. It's not so long ago that this block was pretty much desolate, with vacant lots outnumbering homes by a healthy margin. A couple of multi-home and one-off projects later, the block is all filled up. Well, there's not entirely true. The block's northern end is still unoccupied, thanks to a four-home project that's been in the works for years.

We first told you about Fitz4 after developer Metro Impact presented the project to SOSNA at the end of 2011. After that, it was radio silence for quite some time. We came back to the site last June, when foundations finally appeared on the southeast corner of Chadwick & Fitzwater. The homes were framed relatively quickly, then it seems the project stalled for months. But recently, action has resumed on the site, with brick and sheathing appearing on the three homes that got framed several months back.

Facades looking close

As a refresher, the homes, designed by Shimi Zaken of Atrium LLC, will have four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and parking. There was a pre-construction option for a car lift, but we couldn't tell you whether any of the units have one. If you can't tell from the image, the corner home has a traditional Philly rectangular row home layout and the two southern homes are square-shaped.

Second phase eventually

The vacant lot across the street, used as a parking area for the contractors, will eventually rise as the fourth home in this development. We'd guess that ain't gonna happen until after the first three homes are finished and sold. But who knows, they could also start tomorrow because they've already got the permits. When they do, they'll cap off a block that's gone through some dramatic changes in the last several years. And we'd have to imagine that the people who live there and nearby would agree that those changes have been for the better.