Absolutely Nothing is Happening at 25th and Grays Ferry

The building pictured below, 2509 Grays Ferry Ave., sits at the intersection of Grays Ferry Ave., 25th St., and Christian St. According to public record, this is nearly a 4700 sqft. lot, though looking at it in person, the parcel seems to occupy less than half of that space.

A few years ago, a local businessman attempted to open a Rita’s Water Ice at this address and received a three year temporary use variance from the ZBA. Near neighbors objected to this use, appealing the variance on the grounds that a Rita’s at this location could become a gathering place, possibly leading to violence and crime. On appeal, the PA Commonwealth Court reversed the ZBA, insisting that the developer could reasonably construct a home on the lot and was unable to prove a hardship.

The owners of this property, Eileen and Gary Schwalb of Henderson Nevada, have owned this property for over thirty years and have not paid their property taxes since 1997. They are currently approximately $6,200 delinquent on those property taxes. With Naval Square across the street and development going on up and down Grays Ferry Ave., this would seem like a highly desirable corner property for any developer to build on. With absentee owners who don’t pay their taxes however, the likelihood of development in the near term seems remote.

Lots of houses being built down the street

Who wants to post $800 to send it to Sheriff’s Sale?