2100 Carpenter Will Soon Be Totally Filled In

Two years ago, we detailed the transformation of the 2100 block of Carpenter Street. We showed you this satellite image from 2004 to drive home just how desolate this block was less than a decade ago.


Out of 47 residential lots on the street at that time, there were only seventeen buildings by our count. And what we can’t see from this image is how many of those were blighted and/or vacant. Can you imagine? Thirty vacant lots! Somewhat miraculously, that number was reduced to five by 2011. And now, two years later, it’s about to be reduced to zero.

Looking west on the block.

The last vacant lot on the block, in the foreground above, is 920 S. 21st St., the northwest corner of 21st & Carpenter.

The last lot on the block

Though technically the property has a 21st Street address, its depth means that its presence is felt more on Carpenter Street. It’s been an ugly hole in the ground for as long as we can remember, but last week we finally saw some earth moving at the bottom of the pit. Back in March, owner George Evengelou (the guy who owns the South Street Diner) started the permitting process for the construction of a single family home. And now it’s happening.

Looking down into the depths

Sure, several homes on this block are perfect examples of “Graduate Hospital Specials.” And yes, the mix of homes here are polyglot of different architectural styles which don’t exactly blend together seamlessly. But still, the combination of new homes and a new park have completely transformed this block from one of the worst in the neighborhood to one of the best. When this last home is finally finished, the residents of this block should throw a party. They can bring the stucco bays, we’ll bring the cake.