In November, we told you about the ongoing construction at 838-840 N. 20th St., where Dottie Properties LLC was replacing an overgrown vacant lot with a pair of single family homes. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Last August

Around Thanksgiving

As you might imagine, both homes have been completed in the past few months. 838 N 20th St., the corner property, was listed in early February at $475K (!) and was under contract after just a couple of weeks (!!!). 840 N 20th St., also listed at the beginning of February but for a lower price of $435K, is still available and could yet be your dream home. Check out the listing here.

Recent photo

We bring this to your attention as the other formerly vacant lot at this intersection finally transforms into something productive. Though the owners of 2000 Parrish St. went to the ZBA nearly a year ago, it was only in the last couple of months that they finally broke ground. And they’re making pretty good progress.

Back in August. No idea what the dudes in the golf cart were up to

Recent shot of the newly framed building

When completed, this new building will likewise be a single family home. Considering the rapid sale of the corner property across the street for a very attractive price, we imagine that this property will soon represent a similar success story. Seems like that bodega on the northeast corner of this intersection isn’t holding things back after all…

Easy access to both hot food AND frozen food. Nice.

Yes, things are certainly moving along in Francisville. More and more vacant lots transforming into new houses, especially on this side of the neighborhood. But not to worry- there’s tons of good stuff happening all over the neighborhood!