Would you be able to find Leland Street on a map? We'll give you a hint, it's in Francisville. Give up? We don't blame you.

Leland Street runs for just over a block in Francisville, starting at Wylie Street and ending forever at Ginnodo Street. According to public record, Leland Street has only 27 legal addresses. Amazingly (though it's not so amazing given the neighborhood), one of those properties will soon get redeveloped. Some advance warning, this post might get a little confusing but this map should prove handy to maintain your bearings. Sorry to do this to you on the afternoon before a holiday weekend.

907 Leland St.

In the map image, we've highlighted 907 Leland St., the property that's going to be redeveloped. The developers are looking to build a five-unit building on this lot with parking in the back and will go before the ZBA later this month. Interestingly, the parking will be accessed via the drive-aisle used by the row of newer homes next door even though that property was (we think) developed by someone else. This project has been continued several times and we're not sure why- it seems like a reasonable enough plan for this location.

907 Leland Street is the little vacant patch with the cars parked on it

Immediately next door to this parcel, at 901 Leland St., is a warehouse with a sign advertising that it's for sale. This was obviously of interest, but when we called the number on the sign we were told that the property is already under agreement. Bummer for us, but it's otherwise good news because it means that this building will soon get redeveloped.

Big warehouse next door was for sale, it's already under agreement

Continuing to the east, there's another large building that looks like it's in pretty rough shape. If you check the map, you can see that it goes all the way to Ridge Avenue and you might realize that we've covered this property in the past. The property, a former church, was purchased by Loonstyn Development a few years ago but hasn't been redeveloped just yet. We'd think it's only a matter of time.

Another big looking warehouse, this is actually the rear of a former church on Ridge Avenue

Front of the former church on Ridge, an unrelated building next door, and the vacant lot at 1810 Ridge Ave.

Now that we've wrapped around to Ridge Avenue, it seems like a good idea to bring 1810 Ridge Ave. to your attention. That's the vacant lot that's just past the handsome but shabby looking building on the right side of the image above.

Looking at the Leland St. property through the vacant lot at 1810 Ridge Ave.

1810 Ridge Ave., it turns out, is owned by the same developers that own the vacant property on Leland Street. The fact that they're now looking to redevelop the property on Leland tells us that they could soon be looking to do the same for their lot on Ridge. That project, whenever it happens, will complete the transformation of this large parcel which was entirely vacant just a few years ago. Remember, this was this site of the Ridge Avenue Farmer's Market for decades until its demolition in the 1990s and sat vacant until the row of homes arrived a couple years ago on Ginnodo Street. The building that will eventually replace it will surely not match it architecturally or even come close, but it will certainly be another positive step for the Ridge Avenue corridor.