For months now, we’ve been keeping you in the loop about the ten home project on the 1800 block of Ginnodo Street in Francisville, on a lot that was once home to part of the Ridge Avenue Farmers Market building. Thus far, four homes have been built in this development, with an odd design touch that we can’t say we were expecting to see.


Original rendering

The homes have been built in pairs, and the second pair constructed seem to rise about a foot higher than the first homes. This wasn’t reflected in the renderings, and we can only wonder whether this was intentional or an error. Does anyone that’s plugged into development in the neighborhood have any info on this?

Meanwhile, next door, a small pit has appeared, signaling the construction of the next pair of homes on this block. Will these homes be the height of the first pair? Of the second pair? A new height altogether? Seems we’ll just have to wait and see what gets framed out here before we get our questions answered.

The pit next door

Where the rest of the homes will eventually rise

As usual, we’ll be here to give you the lowdown. Or at least shout out to the internet universe, asking if anyone else happens to know what’s going on.