In Francisville, the development seems to keep on coming. From four quadplexes at 16th and Poplar, to the major 55-unit Project H.O.M.E. development at Fairmount & Ridge, to a 35-unit development around 19th and Poplar, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. And as we were checking out the progress of some of these larger developments, we spotted a row of fluorescent orange ZBA apps posted at a vacant lot at 19th & Brown.

The lot

The project seeks to create four new triplexes, each one with its own roof deck and pilot house. The lots are owned by the Loonstyns, the developers responsible for the 35 aforementioned units and various other local projects, like the one developed last year at Fairmount and Uber Streets, where Mughsots now occupies a ground-floor retail location. Loonstyn Development acquired the four properties for $440K last July, according to public record. The exterior wall of the building next to the vacant lot features a mural focused on the theme of unity. It seems that the mural will be covered up by the new homes.

Development trumps togetherness?

Whoever comes to live in them will have a fine view of Center City from their roof deck. There’s also the liberty of the large Francisville Rec Center just a block away. But now we wonder what will become of the triangular lot that stretches on across the street.

Someone build something here

That triangular plot of land looks strikingly similar to the one where the aforementioned 55-unit project a shout away from the Divine Lorraine is occurring. Might this triangular lot be the next home of a few dozen unit project? We shall be watching.

–Lou Mancinelli