838-840 N. 20th St., at the northwest corner of 20th and Parrish Sts., are being developed into two homes by Dottie Properties, LLC. For years, these were overgrown corner lots.

The not-too-distant past

The lots were cleared as of this past August

The other day

According to the zoning application, the two houses being built will be single family homes with roofdecks. With all the action taking place in Francisville, and particularly considering the premium that builders are getting on the western end of the neighborhood, it’s perhaps a little surprising that this valuable corner lot has sat unbuilt for so long. In that same vein, the owners of 2000 Parrish St., the currently vacant lot on the southwestern corner, went to zoning back in May, but we haven’t seen any construction there as of yet. Is it possible that the somewhat questionable bodega on the northeast corner has held up development at this intersection? Any thoughts, neighbors?

2000 Parrish St., across the street

Sean Everett Frankel of Dottie Properties, who purchased the two lots currently under construction for $160K, is becoming increasingly active in developing the Francisville neighborhood. He’s already done a couple of projects, most recently selling 839 N Uber St., a former carriage house, for over $400K. Dottie Properties is also in the process of acquiring a handful of additional parcels in the neighborhood from the RDA, and we expect them to move forward on those projects in the coming year.