Last week, we told you about the controversy that’s erupted over the demolition of a one-story property on a block full of similar homes, and its replacement by a new three-story home. Today, we’ll tell you about a similar tale on a similarly unattractive block just a short jaunt away. Friends, allow us to present to you the 700 block of N. Capitol Street:

Oh yeah

Looking south

Like the 700 block of N. 19th St., this block was constructed by PHA about twenty years ago, a time when snarky real estate blogs weren’t around to deride miserable architectural standards. Which these homes exemplify, incidentally. But there’s good news on the horizon! 19th Street Development LLC purchased 713 N. Capitol St. a few months ago, promptly demolished it, and is fixing to replace it with a new structure.

The site

The home that previously stood here looked like all the other homes on the block and sat on a spacious 31’x51′ lot. Now, the developers are constructing a new building that will include three condo units, ranging in price from $250K to $285K and ranging in size from 1,200 to over 1,600 sqft. Each of the units will have a parking space, and they will all be located very close to bustling Fairmount Avenue, as well as all sorts of other residential development in the neighborhood.

While this project certainly breaks up the flow of the block, this can only be viewed as an improvement. Hopefully, in the years to come, more of the homes on this block will be redeveloped, either by outside builders or by current homeowners. PHA’s design sins will take years to clean up in Francisville, but with patience and a little creativity, the neighborhood should only become more interesting as a result of efforts to overcome those sins. Here’s to hoping it happens sooner rather than later.